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This is Doshi, and this is my story page!! On the story page you can send me your YOSHI stories. I might put it on my page if I think it is good to start you off here is MY story

The Story Of Doshi

It all began when one day I,Doshi, was born.I was just like any normal yoshi. But it all changed when cyber-yoshi came and took me away from my home. He took me to his Lair and added cyber-notics to my once normal yoshi skin. I was a regect yoshi. All the yoshis thought I was a threat to them so they agreed to send me to the Pit Of Doom!!! There no yoshi has survived. As they threw me into the Pit, I thought about my cyber-notics. I knew that they would protect me. I Landed on my cyber-notics and didn't have any major damage done. So the Pit Of Doom!!! has been my home ever since.

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