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Diddy Kong Racing- type these in at the password screen blabbermouth-horn is characters voice zapthezippers-no zippers toxicoffenders-all green balloons

Extreme-G type this in at password screen- 81GGD5-alltracks(including a bonus track) the neon bike and roach bike type these in at the name screen xtreme-bike's speed is at the max arsenal-press fire button for weapons nitroid-unlimited turbo boosts


Mario Kart 64- get all the gold trophies on 150 cc and you will get the option of mirror mode

Snow Board Kids- Do this on the starting screen control stick-down up control pad down up C's down up L R Z control pad left C's right control stick up B control pad right C's left then press start for all boards tracks and characters

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire- Debug mode

Change your name to "-Wampa--Stompa"(the - is a space and caps ar needed for the first letter of the word

pause the game on any level

hold all the C buttons,Z,L,R and left on the control pad

While holding those buttons press the control stick left halfway(it's hard But do the control stick with your mouth is the easy way)until you hear a "donk"

Keep holding the buttons and turn the control stick to the right half way until you hear a "donk"

Repeat the last 2 steps

reapeat step 4 once more and text should appear at the top let go of the buttons Use L and R to scoll thro the options press a to activate it or turn it off

to turn the menu back on reapeat 3 and 4